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Your Summer Camp in America - What You Get



In 2015, you're heading to a summer camp in America.... AND YOU GET LOADS AND LOADS OF BENEFITS!!


At our American Camps, apart from having the time of your life, gaining social and personal experiences and teaching the young 'uns everything you know... there are loads more reasons why summer camp is for you:


What we pay you


We can't let you work hard for nothing!! Your wages, known as pocket money are determined by your skills and experience at camp.

Counsellor:                up to $1,000

Specialist:                 up to $1,200

Special Needs:          up to $1,400

Support Staff:            up to $1,400




Don't worry yourself about flights, these are provided.  You'll get a return transatlantic flight provided, as well as your travel from the arrival airport to your camp.




You get 90 days medical insurance provided for the duration of your stay in America. 


J-1 Visa


The USA Summer Camp program is administered in conjunction with our US Department of State sponsors, Cultural Homestay International and International Exchange of North America.  During the period from May 1 until October 1, 24 hour support is provided by International Exchange of North America and Cultural Homestay International in association with USA Summer Camp.


Usually an Embassy appointment is required at the Embassy in London, Belfast or Dublin in order for your visa to be processed.   There are also certain bits of documentation you'll need to take but we will guide you through the process as your application. continues.


Food and Drink


Fill your boots and eat what you like because its all free!!  You get 3 meals a day and that doesn't include the toasted marshmallows round the camp fire!





Camp Counsellor 2006

"Making friends from all over the world and working with these amazing children..."



Once your placement is over, your visa allows you plenty of time for travel so you can spend time visiting the good old US. See the places you've always wanted to see but never had the chance to!

Signing up with USA Summercamp entitles you to a 10% discount with Trek America when you book one of their cool packages.  "America's your Oyster!!"


Make Friends


One of the biggest and most satisfying benefits is the amount of new friends you'll make. Friends from all over the world - for life.  




The ultimate addition to put on your CV. You'll learn about different cultures and gain experience and knowledge from working abroad. Who knows maybe even become more mature by the end of it!!


You'll enhance your leadership skills, time management and communication.


You'll have more pals than you know what to do with and on top of that you'll become an expert water-skier, shoot some great 3 pointers and learn that you're not always better than the kids at everything!!




Make 2017 YOUR Year!

Did you know?

Camp lasts for 9 weeks. 1 week training and 8 weeks of kids! 


The best Summer of your life