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Types of Summer Camps


There are over 10,000 different summer camps in America, which for over 50 years have given American youths, and staff from all over the world the opportunity to have an unbelievable summer. Every camp is different and has its own ways of doing things, but all share the ethos that camp is about having fun. The types of camp include:


Privately owned camps


These camps tend to be family owned and may have been in the same families for many decades. They tend to cater for the children of Americas wealthier families and will have the facilities to match the high prices paid by parents to send their children to these types of camps. Privately owned camps will enjoy all field sports as well as activities such as water sports, drama productions and rock climbing to name a few.


They may also organise trips to local attractions. Plus they still enjoy all the traditional camp activities around the campfire and remember everything the children try you will too.


Underprivileged/Non profit camps


These camps are run differently to privately owned camps. They often rely on donations and fund raising to run their summer programs. These camps will still be set in beautiful locations and will run fantastic fun filled sessions both on land and water. They may not quite have the up to date equipment of some of the wealthier camps but don't let this put you off, what they lack in money they more then make up for in the community feel that the campers and staff generate.


This is one of the most rewarding experiences summer camps can offer as the children that attend may have come often from difficult backgrounds. These children will really appreciate their time at camp and through this the staff that work with these children get a truly rewarding experience.


Speciality Camps


These camps will have all traditional aspects of camp such as roasting s'mores and singing round the camp fire but they will also concentrate on one particular activity such as soccer, baseball or drama.


These camps tend to seek staff that have a genuine interest or talent in their particular area. The children that attend these camps will be expecting to return home with a greater ability or understanding of their area, so to work at one of these camps you will have to be confident that you know what you're talking about because you can guarantee the kids will!! This does sound like a lot of time is spent on just one activity, but if you are football crazy or a budding actress yourself then this is the type of camp for you.


Day Camps


These camps work as a 9-5 camp! You'll work during the days and have the weekends and evenings off.  Some camps have a sleep over night and most involve staying with a host family. This gives another rewarding experience and a very different camp experience. 


Camp Counsellor 2009

"I remember coming back to camp for another summer and one of my campers telling me I'd been his hero since he was 9 years old!"



Special Needs Camps


These camps are run for fantastic children who may need a higher level of supervision/assistance or more of a "one-on-one" counsellor relationship. These camps will generally run in exactly the same way as many traditional camps, they will just allow their campers to do as much as they can.


This is a role that would require a lot of patience and we appreciate that this is not the summer job for everyone. Working at a special needs camp is a highly rewarding experience, but it can also be very hard work. This may not be a role that's suited to the majority of applicants but if you feel that this is the type of camp that you would enjoy and be comfortable in we know you would have a brilliant summer and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Faith Based Camps - Christian or Jewish


These camps still hold true a central belief that camping is about the campers (and the staff) having fun, however the faith based camps that we work with can also give Christian and Jewish staff or campers the chance to incorporate their faith into their summer.

Camps do this in different ways, for example the YMCA camps that run all across America are founded on Christian values but are in no way incorporate religion into their summer program. Other camps will have programs that are centered around their faith but this will often be only a small part of the day and can prove very interesting. To work at a faith based camp it is not important that you have a strong belief in the faith of the camp but it is important that you can be respectful and open minded to it. These camps will run just like any other and the facilities will be fantastic. If you get placed at a faith based camp look forward to a great welcome, great friends, great campers and genuinely fun all the way through the summer!! At a faith based camp it is very easy to make this summer the best of your life!!



Remember though, there are many different camps but through our online matching scheme, trust us to find the camp that will suit your needs and make sure you have the best summer of your life!




Did you know?

The first camp began 125 years ago and have been running ever since! Camps have between 25 and 250 staff every summer! 


The best Summer of your life